Thermophore Moist Heat Pack (Model 056) 14"x14"

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Model Numbers 056

Model 056 made in China

Designed for smaller areas of the body, the shoulder, knee, part of the abdomen. Is compact and light enough to be a great travel companion.

Consumer Notice: this model requires the user to hold the switch down in order for the heating pad to operate.

Original Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack is designed with a special hand-held switch. Just press for heat, release to cool and alternate as often as you like. If you happen to doze off and your hand relaxes, the unit will cool as a safety feature. Battle Creek Equipment


  • Size: 14 inches x 14 inches
  • Watts: 75
  • Max temp: The pads can run between 150 to 165°F
  • Hold Button Switch
  • Auto shut off after 25 minutes

Note: It is not recommended to lay on this heating pad.


Unfortunately, Thermophore can no longer repair the units, because of a variety of regulatory, quality and liability concerns. We do not recommend trying to repair or replace any components yourself, as it may cause a safety hazard. As an indication of their confidence in their products, Thermophore has extended their warranty coverage to two years from the date of purchase. Thermophore will replace any Thermophore pack that was purchased within the past two years and does not work properly because of a manufacturing defect. Please save your receipt to confirm date of purchase. If no receipt is available, Thermophore can determine the date of manufacture by the serial number stamped on the heating unit to estimate the date of purchase. Please DO NOT send your unit to Thermophore until you call their Customer Service Department at 800-253-0854 for instructions. They can often resolve the issue for you over the phone.


WARNING: Interior of heating pad contains lead weights, exposure to which can potentially cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm -  If the product is torn open or lead weights are exposed, stop using the product immediately.

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