Good2Go 491 Microwave Moist Heat Pack - Knee Medium 9 x 12

Battle Creek
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Size: 9 x 12 inches (21 x 30 cm)
Designed for Knee

Combines the convenience of mobility with the benefits of moist heat therapy. Comfortable soft fleece, absorbent crystal fill to prevent mold/mildew and wide elastic velcro straps hold the pad snug and secure.


Soothing moist heat relieves joint and muscle pain for hours
Durable construction for years of comfort and more economical than disposable single-use heat packs.
Patented fill will not decay, develop unpleasant odors or support the growth of mold and bacteria
Cloud soft fleece pile cover
Patented organic crystal fill for maximum moisture with no allergens
Wide elastic strap holds heat snugly in place while you continue regular activities.

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