Polar T31 T34 Non-Coded Chest Transmitter and Elastic Strap

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Slim, light and waterproof, the Polar T31/T34 Non-Coded Chest Transmitter transmits your heart rate to your wrist unit ECG (electrocardiogram) accurately.

Fully water resistant making it great for swimmers, it delivers the most effective measurement of your heart rate while involved in water sports.

Unlike the coded version It doesn’t have the benefit of coding for interference free transmission.

While the battery is not user replaceable (It is suggested that the battery (ce0537) be replaced by Polar.),  you won't need to worry much as the long lasting battery it comes standard with delivers 2,500 hours of operation, or 5 years of use exercising at 10 hours a week.

Sizing: Measure just under the breasts / chest area

  • Medium (25-54 Inches)

In order to customize your monitor and allow us to exchange a standard manufacturer medium for a small or large strap, it may require us to alter the original packaging of this product. That will not affect the return policy or warranty of the item.


Compatible with Polar

  • F1
  • F2
  • F3
  • F4
  • F5
  • FS1
  • FS2
  • FS3
  • A5
  • A3
  • A1
  • Beat
  • Pacer
  • Target 

Polar T31/T34 Non-Coded Chest Transmitter and Elastic Strap works with most treadmills & elliptical machines. Replacement transmitter for Polar A1,A3, A5


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